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The Catacombs’ Curse- a Paranormal Thriller

By A.K. Patch on Aug 27, 2020 in The Catacombs' Curse

How Did I Come up With This Idea?

The Catacombs’ Curse- a Paranormal Thriller

Stories come to authors by different means. The idea for THE CATACOMBS’ CURSE didn’t arise in a dream state or the need to write to market.

This novel had its start within the Paris Catacombs.

Something that happened to me in the depths of this massive and famous ossuary.

I went there on a vacation a few years ago.

Within the catacombs, it’s recommended to be respectful of remains and not touch them. The corridors are narrow and lit for added effect. Still, they’re wide enough to course without contact. The rooms are marked with the names of graveyards from where the remains had been removed. The bones of approximately six million people are stacked in decorative design. One contemplates the multitudes of lives they represent.

A character in my story knew not to touch the bones.

So, did I.

And yet, it happened, to each, by mistake.

Whose skull did I back up into and touch with my backpack?

No one will ever know. The Parisian’s identities laid within the miles of rooms and pathways are anonymous. Nothing to mark their achievements or struggles in life. They are truly dead. Lost to memory. Lost to history or family.

When I briefly encountered the skull, the idea for this novel blossomed in my mind. Was it given birth by the spirit of someone long gone, or like the great Temptations song, “Just My Imagination (Running Away with Me)?

Whatever the prod and inspiration, here is the story. Hope you enjoy this insanely woven, otherworldly tale.

It begins at the Battle of Waterloo in 1815.

-AK Patch