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Dr. Allan Patch

Dr. Allan Patch
Dr. Allan Patch

Many would agree that inspiration and perseverance are required to achieve anything of significance in life.

I accept my occasional share of lucky moments, but to ‘just keep working at it’ has been more my path of success.

Authoring a time-travel adventure series – scratching out the time necessary while I was still working full-time and more – demanded all the above, but one realizes that the process of dreaming and executing a plot is a journey with rich rewards. The characters, once established, begin to write their own story. And the trouble they get themselves into…

Historical and current events, even what the future may hold, is the background of my writing, radio, and television appearances.

There’s so much to choose from.

My love for history began early. Growing up in a family of nine children near Plymouth, Massachusetts and educated in Boston, the heritage of our country and the sacrifice of the Founding Fathers was an ever-present stirring and vivid study.

Interest in both science and the arts compelled me to receive a B.S. in Biology from Boston College and a DMD degree From Tufts University. Seeking professional and life experience, I joined the U.S. Navy, receiving my commission aboard the oldest active duty ship in the fleet, the USS Constitution. 

Following active duty, I entered private practice and continued to serve in the Naval Reserve, stationed in Naval Hospitals and deployed with the United States Marine Corps. When I retired from the Navy with the rank of Captain, my retirement flag flew over the decks of the USS Constitution.  Many great experiences and profound friendships grew out of those twenty-six years of service.

Throughout, while building my career and family, my interest in history and its lessons never waned, and it was not restricted to our shores. History has so much to teach us, and ancient history, especially of the Greek and Roman periods, has not only proved fascinating but has also provided fertile ground for my fiction. 

I serve as a board member of the Friends of Classics at San Diego State University and a member of the Hellenic Society of San Diego. With education a key to bringing to life the lessons of the past, I am also a judge for San Diego County History Fair.

I live in one of the most beautiful cities on earth, sunny San Diego with my wife and two children. I play tennis and still love baseball. Early days on the pitcher's mound and throwing right and left-handed still has me dreaming of pitching against the Yankees in Fenway Park.

Exploring the confluence of past, present, and future with characters out of their time and place has been an engrossing journey for me. I hope you enjoy reading this often provocative series as much as I enjoyed writing it.