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Did Bessus battle PTSD?

By A.K. Patch on Jun 12, 2020 in The Apollo Series

The psychological background and surprising pedigree of this 5th Century BCE warrior.

Readers of the Apollo Series trilogy often remark that they find this Bactrian horseman one of the most interesting characters to follow in the story. I worked on his personality traits with a psychologist, and there’s more to know on the background on this often terrifying, but complicated, warrior.


Professor Lauren Fletcher : A Heroine in Any Age

Professor Lauren Fletcher : A Heroine in Any Age
By A.K. Patch on Mar 13, 2019 in The Apollo Series

One of my main characters, Professor Lauren Fletcher, is a heroine in any age – past, present, or future. A woman who grows into her strength throughout the book, she is both a warrior and a catalyst to events large and small.