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When Ezzy and Remy Alares visit the Paris Catacombs they should have paid more attention to the instructions: Don’t touch the bones.

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The Catacomb's Curse

1815. Following Napoleon Bonaparte’s defeat at the battle of Waterloo, Alexandre Guynemer and his wife, Giselle, plan to escape from their role as carrier pigeon operators for a London bank. But when a competitor wants the information they possess, a disastrous chain of events results in the couple’s murders and their bones abandoned within the Paris Catacombs.Near future. Remy and Ezzy crave a vacation from the stress of Remy’s hard-earned career in New York City. While visiting the famous catacombs, Remy accidently touches a skull, becomes delusional and claims he’s two hundred years dead. The reborn soul, armed with a second chance, should be concentrating on a path forward with this miraculous regeneration but instead pursues avenues of revenge for their diabolical murders in the past and has no intention of giving back the life taken.

What happens next will test all Ezzy and Remy thought sacred.

From the Belgium battlefield of Waterloo in 1815, to vibrant Paris, Caribbean Islands, New York City and the Cordillera Mountains of the Philippines, The Catacombs’ Curse is an insanely woven tale of betrayal, revenge, financial world corruption, and spiritual enlightenment with an otherworldly twist that will have you wondering if our reality is different than what we imagine it to be.

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Passages Chosen by author A.K. Patch
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Journey To Delphi by author A.K. Patch

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The Apollo Series is a riveting, international time-travel, thriller book series,

 which contains modern-day characters, historical encounters, and page turning adventure.

Join history and ancient language professors Lauren and Zack Fletcher 

as they brave the challenges of:

  • Overcoming Our Fiercest Enemies
  • Understanding the Modern World by Traveling to the Past
  • Fighting for Their Survival
  • Navigating the Dangers of Future Technologies


The overall writing style is historically authoritative, physically descriptive, and contains a kind of undertone of the great philosophical questions of the human condition, which is echoed and made compelling by Apollo and Zach’s questions as they go through the story. The dialog is meaningful and witty at times, causing the reader to perhaps laugh aloud, as well as feel deeply.

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Patch of History

The Catacombs’ Curse- a Paranormal Thriller

The Catacombs’ Curse- a Paranormal Thriller
By A.K. Patch on Aug 27, 2020 in The Catacombs' Curse

Stories come to authors by different means. The idea for THE CATACOMBS’ CURSE didn’t arise in a dream state or the need to write to market.

This novel had its start within the Paris Catacombs.


Did Bessus battle PTSD?

By A.K. Patch on Jun 12, 2020 in The Apollo Series

The psychological background and surprising pedigree of this 5th Century BCE warrior.

Readers of the Apollo Series trilogy often remark that they find this Bactrian horseman one of the most interesting characters to follow in the story. I worked on his personality traits with a psychologist, and there’s more to know on the background on this often terrifying, but complicated, warrior.


Professor Lauren Fletcher : A Heroine in Any Age

Professor Lauren Fletcher : A Heroine in Any Age
By A.K. Patch on Mar 13, 2019 in The Apollo Series

One of my main characters, Professor Lauren Fletcher, is a heroine in any age – past, present, or future. A woman who grows into her strength throughout the book, she is both a warrior and a catalyst to events large and small.