Contemporary Characters

Historical Encounters

Page-turning Adventure

T H E   A P O L L O   S E R I E S

Passage at Delphi by Author Allan Patch

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Delphi's Chosen by author A.K. Patch

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Journey To Delphi by author A.K. Patch

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The Apollo Series is a riveting, international time-travel, thriller book series,

 which contains modern-day characters, historical encounters, and page turning adventure.

Join history and ancient language professors Lauren and Zack Fletcher 

as they brave the challenges of:

  • Overcoming Our Fiercest Enemies
  • Understanding the Modern World by Traveling to the Past
  • Fighting for Their Survival
  • Navigating the Dangers of Future Technologies


The writing is superb and the story moves along smartly, never boring. There are lots of surprises, twists and turns, and people to love and hate. It’s clear that the author really knows his history, and the battle scenes are so descriptive that the reader feels like he or she is right in the middle of the action. I can easily see this book and the ones that follow as a series of hit movies. I’ll be in line to get the next one, that’s for sure.
Robert M. Sullivan