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“Let me begin by saying that I love history…not just facts and dates, but more importantly, getting a glimpse of the ethos of a historical period. I also am especially captivated by the history of Classical Greece, which was the birthplace of the West’s political, scientific and philosophical traditions. The author integrates all of these things seamlessly, and even more, in a tempered, non-bombastic manner into his novel. He also, in a very innovative fashion, juxtaposes modern and Classical Greek cultures by having his protagonists move through time between the two periods. In addition, he further juxtaposes the Greeks with their barbarian neighbors, thereby demonstrating the remarkable intellectual development in that small region of Europe that sparked one of the most important social evolutions humanity has ever created. The plot is very interesting, taking unseen twists and turns, and the characters become fleshed out as believable people by both their actions and thoughts. Their motivations are real, and although there are both heroes and villains, they are all human with their own weaknesses and virtues, so that even the villain becomes a character deserving of empathy. I will not go into the plot…others have already done this in their reviews. I will just say that this book is an excellent, riveting read that will have you very eager for the next book in the series.” By Michael Strassberg